ISIS by Jake Phipps

Over these pages we have often extolled the virtues of folding chairs – or perhaps better put of temporary seating systems.

And with ISIS from Jake Phipps for Gebruder Thonet-Vienna, we believe we have found the thinnest system yet.

And not only we are off that opinion – Phipps himself claims on his website that ISIS is the thinnest folding chair in production.

When folded ISIS is a mere 3 cm wide, and although it resembles a trouser press, the concept is wonderfully simple.

In essence all fits snugly inside the 3cm wide frame from which the elements slide out to form a wonderfully chair that we’re fairly certain the late great Verner Panton would have proud off.

Now, we assume that the design is principally intended for large users, such as business, conference venues, public buildings etc – And we are assuming this based on the wonderful “docking station” that can be ordered separately. However at 3cm wide and a very stable design, we can well imagine that ISIS is perfect for placing in your car boot for spontaneous road-side picnics.

Or similar.

Or on a boot.

Should you have one.

As we say, folded up a  bit like a trouser press, folded out – gorgeous.

ISIS by Jake Phipps. More like this place.


ISIS by Jake Phipps


Just great


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