In August 2010 the German kitchen and kitchen equipment producer Miele will change its name to Warendorf.
Although Warendorf is the name of the village where Miele is based and as such we can kind-off understand the choice of the new name:  A) we simply cannot understand why an established and succesful brand would  decide to change its name and B) Translated into English Warendorf means “village of goods/wares/merchandise” – and as such implies some sort of tacky discount village where bus loads of pensioners go to drink coffee and buy appalling coloured pullovers.


As part of the relaunch Warendorf/Miele have persuaded Philippe Starck to design his first ever kitchen series.

The resulting 4 concepts are something that, for our money, couldn’t be further removed from Starck’s “democratic design” principle; rather, using classic “big” kitchen styling Starck has created kitchens that in most respects resemble the same old stuff that can be found in most large kitchen retailers showrooms.

What did impress us however, and that enough to write this post, is the concept “Tower”, where the kitchen is contained in rotating towers. And by “kitchen” we mean cooker, fridge, dishwasher etc, etc…

Now there is no way we could ever use or work with such a set-up. Or kitchen habits simply would not allow it.

However, we know a lot of people and locations where such an idea would fit perfectly and where removing the “kitchen” from the “kitchen” would positively improve aesthetic and functionality of the space.

At the moment concrete details appear a little thin on the ground, but from what we have seen we are very impressed.

Equally impressive is the part-sink: part-hob:part-seating/working “Trumpet Table”  The styling is a bit too gaudish for us, but the concept is a dream and is more or less exactly what we need. Populate it with a few “Ghost” chairs and we have the basics of a dream kitchen space.

Starck by Warendorf – not the best Philippe Starck Collection ever, but a couple of excellent moments.

A representative layout of the Tower kitchen by Philippe Starck for Warendorf

A representative layout of the Tower kitchen by Philippe Starck for Warendorf

Tower by Philippe Starck for Warendorf ...  detail

Tower by Philippe Starck for Warendorf ... detail

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