Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius

Students. Dont ja just love ’em!
We do.
Because, freed from the constraints of having to think commercially, design students can concentrate on creating things that make our world better.

Rather than which make money.

True in the majority of cases the products developed are so impractical or plain daft that they will never see the light of day.

But occasionally, just occasionally, they get it right.

Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius is a masters thesis work that deserves so much more.
We admit to being more than  touch sceptical about the claim that it is “smokeless” ; whereas it certainly won’t produce billowing clouds of smoke – as every schoolboy chemist knows ethanol burns to produce carbon dioxide and water vapour  – which is “invisible smoke”

And too much carbon dioxide is not exactly healthy.

We’re not saying you risk gassing yourself – but we are saying we need more information regarding the amount of carbon dioxide released.

But at the end of the day we all exhale carbon dioxide when we breath 🙂

And when all is said and done, we so want the Piet indoor Stove to work, because we love the concept, love the realisation and love the end product.
An indoor fire you can take with you where you want and when you want.

And it looks gorgeous.

If George Nelson were alive today he would be kicking himself for not developing such as aesthetically well-conceived design.

In addition “A layer of rockwool fire insulation between the [brass] reflector and the outer shell keeps the outside cool. This means that you can always touch the ceramic body of Piet without burning your hand and also means that Piet can be placed closer to walls or other furniture.”

With every extra titbit of information we love the Piet Indoor Stove a little more

At the moment it remains a concept work. We so hope that changes very soon.

Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius : @ Nils Holger Moormann – we all need winter warmth!!!


Piet Indoor Stove by Fredrik Hyltén-Cavallius


An indoor fire


to take where ever you want


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