Fun Makes Good

First off  it’s important to say that we’re not at all sure if we understand – or indeed like – the name of Glasgow based design studio “Fun Makes Good”

We qualify that first statement immediately, however, with a second stating that we understand – and heartily approve of – the work they do.

Established by Glasgow School of Art graduate Eleanor Young the company essentially “rescue” discarded, abandoned and otherwise unwanted pieces of furniture and gives them a new and quite wonderous new identity.

The Block Chair is one design that more caught our attention.

We’re not going to pretend that the idea is new or revolutionary – in old text books  it is known as re-upohlstering and is, sad to say, one of the dying arts in our modern, convenience orientated world.

There is, however, obviously no reason in the world why a chair in which you have invested money and which has stoutly served its function for several years cannot be given a quick makeover when it starts to show signs of age and excessive usage.

But far to often such items are rejected, and so well done to  “Fun Makes Good” for trying to prove that old is not equal to useless.

And shoudl you have a chair, table ot other item that is healthy, usefulbut maybe a little past its best – give Fun makes Good a call: bespoke solutions to helping owners mainatin a piece are always preferential to rescuing abandoned objects.

Full details can be found at

Block Chair by Fun Makes Good

Block Chair by Fun Makes Good


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