Daylight design hack it up

With his observation that “The details are not the details. They make the design” Charles Eames not only succinctly derailed all those who believed – and sadly still believe – that if your design ain’t oh so clever it ain’t good; but he also established a golden rule by which new design should be measured and assessed.

He also, if somewhat unintentionally, confirmed that part of the job of a designer is to take existing products and improve them.

Not copy, but to analyse a product, question it’s function, and, if appropriate, make alterations to the design that either improve its existing function to a significant degree or bestow on it a new function.

And it is through such a process that design works at its best and  its most efficient.

Sounds complicated – uit is however all about talent as San Francisco based Daylight Design prove so succinctly with their neat ikeahack.

Take a suitably stable and robust stool, saw a slit through it and Hey Presto! you have a stand for white boards.

You can still use your stool as a stool – but it also doubles its functionality without noticeably adding to your costs.

A new products created that both ooks great and functions beautifully.

We’re certain Charles Eames would be impressed.

The original.....

The original.....

Daylight designs "stool with slit"

Daylight designs "stool with slit"

A new design in use and working. Brilliant.

A new design in use and working. Brilliant.


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