Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwa Jin

In the days before we got our kicks dissing designer furniture icons and producers, we could often be found in the Barrowland Market in Glasgow; eating hygienically questionable fry-ups, buying CDs of dubious origin and generally trying to avoid getting murdered by some deranged Wegie who in his hysterical haze could have easily mistake us for a troop of evil trolls come to take his cactus.

Happy days.

One of the stalls we best remember in the old Barrowland Market Hall sold religious memrobilla. And by that we mean the absolute cheapest, gaudiest and kitschiest tat you could imagine.

Truly awful.

Yet like bored motorists driving passed an accident, we could never help slowing down to look at the carnage and perversly amusing ourselves at the pointlessness of it all.

Sick. Truly sick.

We had a quick flashback to those days when we saw Jung Hwa Jin’s Polaroid Flower Vase.

The thing is an absolute catastrophe and will undoubtedly end up filling up charity shops and jumble sales in the coming months.

But how can we resist it? No home should be without one.

Sleek, unobtrusive and space for a small succulent or similar flower Polaroid Flower Vase is without doubt one of the freshest and most inspiring lighting concepts we’ve seen this year.

And we’ve seen a lot.

We’re currently planning hanging one over the “dead” corner of one of our desks – one of this horrible spaces that until now has been used to store things we don’t know what to do with.

Not only should the illumination provide a plesant atmosphere for working on an autumnal afternoon, but the plant will bring that touch of colour and life to corner.

But we can also imagine it working brilliantly in a bathroom or a kitchen.

Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwa Jin. Don’t reject an idea just because it reminds you of a metallic-purple Jesus plate.


Polaroid Flower Vase by Jung Hwa Jin


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