Don Camillo by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda

As we all know, aside from Eritrean slaves and Greek mariners there was nothing the lions of ancient Rome enjoyed more to play with – and devour – than a monk.

On account of their ecclesiastic and industrious lifestyle the quality of the meat on your average monk is simply astounding.

And despite their reputations, lions are connoisseurs – sure they eat the odd raw gazelle, but only when there is nothing better on offer.

We don’t know if Benjamin Hopf likes monks, but we like his Don Camillo table lamp. A lot.

The current lighting market is awash, literally overflowed and drowning, in oh so intricate, oh so filigree designs that are meant to reflect on nature or bring a feeling of cohesion with our emotions into a room.

We just want something that works, doesn’t gather too much dust and is adjustable.

That Don Camillo does all these things – and looks good, passes wonderfully onto any desk is an absolute joy to behold.

In equal measure, we must question the sense and value of the wall and hanging varieties. Formagenda have such a good range of hanging and wall lamps, we really can’t see why they feel the need to go with the Don Camillo.

But the table version….

Don Camillo by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda.



Don Camillo by Benjamin Hopf for Formagenda...


... practical ...


... and wonderfully large...


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