Casiopea by Miguel Herranz

Miguel Herranz has won awards – though hopefully not for his website.

Fortunately just as poor as his website design is so good are his lamps.

At least visually.

One of the great problems of the design world is that many things look good in photos and websites, but fail to live up to the expectations when one actually uses them.

Part of our job of course is to predict such and only follow those trails that will lead to products that hold their promises.

Sometimes we get it right, somethimes we don’t.

But we have a good feeling about Miguel Herranz’s Casiopea lamp series.

Not only do they remind us of NIDO from Eva Marguerre, but the end effect appears to be similar.

And a lamp that’s main attraction is the fact that you don’t notice it is always something special.

Sadly we can’t say much more as neither Miguel Herranz’s website, nor that from the alleged producer say anything about them 😦

We’ll keep on the story and if we get an update we’ll make sure you read it all here.

Casiopea by Miguel Herranz. Huge.


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