Tulip.MGX by Peter Jansen for .MGX

The vast majority of us who buy and enjoy designer furniture probably can’t imagine the processes and technologies that often stand behind apparently simple objects.

Principally because we lack the technical competence to understand what is being done.

Once such process is 3D printing – and no that isn’t the same as double-sided printing 🙂

According to the Profs at wikipedia – and who are we to doubt them – “3D printing is a form of additive manufacturing technology where a three dimensional object is created by successive layers of material.” For the layman this means that a 3D image is “printed” using lasers fired at the material.

In terms of industrial and product design this means that extremely complicated pieces can be created as one piece without joints and seams and without needing to create moulds or joining different pieces together.

It’s quite simply a refined production method for specific products.

Tulip.MGX by Peter Jansen is part of the .MGX E-volution range, and is created by 3D printing.

Essentially an advertising range for Materialise and for all for their CAD software Magics (.mgx is the file extension for Magics), the .MGX E-volution range nonetheless does contain some highly attractive items.

The one that caught our eye was Tulip.

Not least because through the application of the 3D printing technology to create a copy of a natural product one creates not only something that looks like a tulip, but also which in its structure is just as delicate yet robust.

It resembles not only in form, but in structure.
Available in a range of colours and with either a  woven or perforated flower, Tulip.MGX is a wonderful table lamp for any occasion.

Tulip.MGX by Peter Jansen for .MGX  3D printing lighting genius.


TulipMGX by

Tulip.MGX by Peter Jansen for .MGX


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