Ribbon by Headspring

Somewhat inspired by yesterdays Sprout post – still lovin’ it – we spent most of yesterday evening searching out other new and interesting ways to hang coats, bags, scarves etc…

And ended up at Lovely Rita by Ron Arad for Kartell.

Sorry at Ribbon by London based design studio Headsprung.

And we mean that in positive way.

Lovely Rita is one of the most innovative and novel book racks on the market and Ribbon follows beautifully in this tradition.

And perhaps most importantly, as a handmade product, no two Ribbon units are identical.

Which of course passes perfectly to the artistic concept behind the realisation; namely a ribbon blowing in the wind.

Produced from powder coated mild steel and available in a choice of  5 colours, Ribbons can be wonderfully used in ahome or business location and is robust and hard wearing enough to survive regular daily use.

Ribbon by Headspring. Gorgeous.

More details and ordering information can be found at www.headsprung.co.uk

Ribbon by Headspring

Ribbon by Headspring

... brilliant

... brilliant


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