Sprout by Downstairs Studio

As we all know Google is based on algorithms.

And therefore is not random.

Assuming that is that your inputs matches what Google assumes you were meaning.

(We believe that is why Wolfram Alpha was developed, but even that couldn’t help us find what we were looking for)

Type “Downstairs Studio” in Google –  don’t worry too much about why, just try it – and you land at http://downstairs-studio.com

Funny that.

But on this occasion we are glad that it did.

From what we can gather Downstairs Studio are a Canadian/Japanese design studio who have been active since 2002.

Although they have  a couple of really nice, quirky products in their portfolio the star attraction is without doubt the “Sprout” hook system.

On their website downstairs studio talk a lot about the herbaceous tradition and the botanic inspiration behind the design. Which is fine.

But really all you need to do is concentrate on the concept.
Sprout fits – wait for it – under book on a shelf thus turning a shelf into a place to hang things without having to attach anything to your selves or damage them in any way. (There is screw at the back, but for artistic reasons we’re pretending there isn’t)

Plus you can move it from shelf to shelf as and when the occasion requires.


And we all have at least one shelf at home or in the office that has books on it we never use.

Slip a  sprout under them and you can hang your jacket, car keys, umbrella, whatever safely and securely.

Sprout by Downstairs Studio. Bloomin’ Marvellous.

Sprout by Downstairs Studio

Sprout by Downstairs Studio



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