“My Reading Light” from Philips

Every now and again we read such self-gratifying rubbish from designers about why they design and what for them the role of design is that one really has to step back and ask why they waste their talent.
Yes design is art, but it in comparison to painting or sculpting it is an art that can genuinely help us all live more comfortable and rewarding lives.

We’ll not name the guilty paryt on this occasion, but rather show here how the project “My Reading Light” from Dutch multi-national conglomerate Philips  shows what can be achieved.

Now, we’re not going to pretend for a minute that we believe the images of poor and needy schoolchildren in underprivileged regions moved the executives at Philips so that they felt the need to do something for the needy.

It’s clearly all about profit here.

But our interest is the design.

Reminiscent of a magnifying glass our granny used to have, “My Reading Light” is a rechargeable, solar powered reading light. The advantages are clear, allowing as it does users to individually read and work independent of electricity supply and location.

The design is thoughtful and attractive and Philips know that if it can be shown to be effective and is readily accepted then development organisations will buy thousands if not millions of units.

The designers at Philips have once again achieved a small technological breakthrough, those who chances in life are hindered by the infrastructure on which they rely have a possibility to get on, philips boosts its profits and the environment can breath just a touch easier.

OK no multi-millionaire designer receives another fat cheque.

But that is not what it is all about.

Lecture over… new design follows.

My Reading Light by Philips

My Reading Light by Philips ...

... in action

... in action


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