Robox by Guus Oosterbaan

On a grey, cold morning that reminds us that we are fast approaching autumn, there is little more pleasant than discovering a wonderful new “product”.

We sadly can’t call it a product as it is not yet in production … but we are sure that will change.

Robox by Copenhagen based designer Guus Ossterbaan is in essence nothing more than a multi-box storage system for children.

The wonderful about Robox, however, is the decor on the outside – and the excellently conceived wall storage solution.

Firstly the design. When we were much, much younger we once made a Father Christmas out of boxes which proudly stood five foot high in our lounge.

Robox is a similar concept, except that the boxes can be used for storing things. In the current form the outer image is a robot – hence the name – we can however well imagine that series production will involve a wonderful range of various designs.

Not least because of the wall storage concept.

The shelving system allow the 9 boxes in the set to be stored such that the shelves become invisible allowing the boxes to become part of the room decoration.

Robots are good.

But so are plants. Vines. People. Animals. Etc.

We’re impressed and we’re fairly certain that it’s only a matter of time before a producer agrees with us.

Robox by Guus Oosterbaan. Fantastic.

Robox by Guus Oosterbaan ...

Robox by Guus Oosterbaan ...

... storage ...

... storage ...

..and room decoration. Robox by guus Oosterbaan

..and room decoration. Robox by guus Oosterbaan

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