“Consumers Rest” by Stiletto

For those of us of a certain age “Double Dutch” is an entertaining, if somewhat puzzling song by Malcolm Maclaren.

And by puzzling we mean, what did he think he was doing?

And while, as far as we are aware, the international coffee mafia haven’t as yet misused the phrase to describe a new type of latte macchiato with a hint of Gouda.

Double Dutch would also, if you ask us, be a better name for  “Dutch Design Double” the design exhibition taking place in Amsterdam and Utrecht from 4th September until 11th October.

Sadly, the full programme is not yet publically available – and so at this juncture we can’t say that much.

However, it was an absolute joy to see Stiletto’s “Consumers Rest” will  be on display at the Centraal Museum Utrecht as part of Utrecht Manifest 2009.

If ever there was a design that was crying out to go into series production it is “Consumers Rest

Brilliant parody, brilliant commentary, brilliant design.

This whole post was just an excuse to show this photo … but then, knowing that, what is the point of this blog.

And indeed existence….

We bet stiletto knows. And we’re certain it’s not skipping….

Consumers Rest by Stiletto

Consumers Rest by Stiletto




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