Fan Clock by Katz

We fear the following post may be pun heavy, we’ll try to avoid such … but can’t make any promises.

If we’re completely honest we’re not sure if the Fan Clock by Riga based design studio Katz belongs in the category “genius” or “kitsch”

We really hope it’s the first, but it may, just may, be the latter.

And we’ll have to see it before we can judge.

In principle we find the idea gorgeous, truly gorgeous … but we have way to much experience to judge from a description.

But we like it a lot, and are convinced that when it does eventually come on the market that we will buy one.

Hurrah, we’re at the end and didn’t once say we’re a fan of this clock….

(Thanks to core 77 for the tip)

Fan Clock by Katz ... who wouldn't want one...

Fan Clock by Katz ... who wouldn't want one...

1 comment
  1. I can’t not say the pun, it’s too tempting. I’m such a fan of this clock! Hahaha. So worth it. But really, I love this clock a lot. It’s really a very interesting design. I’d like it in a classroom, it would make impatiently watching the seconds pass much more interesting. Very neat post!

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