i:wing by Bionic Motion

They’re not on the market until October, but already they’re looking like an absolute hit.

The i:wing from Koblenz based Bionic Motion takes Leonardo da Vinci’s principle of looking for inspiration in nature to create an innovative room ventilation system.

Created by former Formula One engineer Robert Spillner (who looks suspiciously like Marcel Wanders)  the i:wing is in essence  a pair of artificial bird wings that through their “flapping” generate a pleasing breeze.

On account of the construction that allows the i:wing to rotate through 180 degrees and so create an all-round ventilation.

We’re really taken with i:wing and can perfectly imagine them in our office, or indeed any medium sized office.

Our flat being sadly a little too small to allow i:wing to function properly.

But if you have the space …

More details can be found at http://www.bionic-motion.com

i:wing by Bionic Motion

i:wing by Bionic Motion

Thanks to design-milk for the tip


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