The Green Glass Company

What is recycling?

What is “green design”?

How many books could one theoretically write on the subject?

The Green Glass Company don’t theorise they “do”
And they do that with a uniqueness and style that one can only admire.

In essence the Green Glass Company take used or rejected glass bottles and turn them into drinking glasses.

The wine goblet Evergreen Clear, for example, is made from reclaimed Bordeaux bottles collected from the organic restaurant, B&B and tasting room on the Cave B winery estate in Quincy, WA.

One of the real stars of the portfolio though has to be the Copenhagen tumblers made from Carlsberg bottles. Which, somewhat perversely, remind us of sipping Pernod in small bar in a French village.

Which is kinda weird.

There is however no denying the true beauty and timelessness of the design. We like. A lot.

And, and we admit we haven’t done the maths yet, we’re fairly certain that using the bottle in this manner saves energy compared to the more traditional melting down and reusing the glass.

Using less resources is always preferable, but where a product exists one may think of further uses that both preserve the energy invested in its conception and which prevent the use of further resources.

More information on the Green Glass Company can be found at

Carlsburg glasses

Carlsburg glasses

Wine goblet reclaimed from Cav B winery Bordeaux bottle

Wine goblet reclaimed from Cav B winery Bordeaux bottle


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