Bloom portable battery

Although we are a little embarrassed to admit it, we really can’t remember at which trade fair we saw Bloom this past spring.

It may have been Milan. It may have been New York. It may even have been Berlin.

We’ll just blame it on the free prosecco and carry on.

According to their homepage, Bloom‘s objective is to put every day objects in a new perspective.
A new light may be the more appropriate term because with their portable lamps and, especially, with their illuminated flower pots they have transformed the mundane into the extraordinary.
And that with a gorgeous minimalist styling.

And perfectly timed for the late summer sun the 40cm version of the portable lamp with battery is now available. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and with the freedom offered by a battery lamp, the 40cm lamp is perfect for a picnic in the park, camping or simply enjoying the evening in your garden with good company.

Just go steady on the prosecco or you might forget who you were with when…

More information on the complete Bloom range can be found at

Bloom portable lamp with battery ...

Bloom portable lamp with battery ...

... its portable, has a battery and lights up.

... or a 4m cable for shorter distances.

Th Bllom pots also light up

The Bloom pots also offer a wonderful illumination solution for innumerate locations.


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