Deckstool – Recycled Skateboard Funiture

Charles and Ray Eames, bless ’em, were huge fans of what they called “collage”, which essentially comes down to fearlessly mixing styles and forms. They were also fans of moulded plywood, a material that in many ways launched their careers.

And so, given these two isolated facts we’ve come to the unequivocal conclusion that they would approve of the Deckstool concept just as much as we do.

In essence Philadelphia based Deckstool take broken skateboards and turn them into stools.

For us, however, the beauty of this is that there is logic and method behind their design; namely, the observation that skateboards break either in the middle or at the truck – for all you non-kids out there the “truck” in skateboarding jargon is the axle, and doesn’t mean they broke hitting a truck.

From this observation was born the idea that if one has a regular supply of regularly broken skateboards one can make a stool. One simply takes the short end from the “truck breaks” as the seat, and the pieces from the “middle breaks” as the legs.


Aside from being a lovely way to recycle and reuse what is, in effect, waste we find that Deckstool brings that undeniable haunch of gritty urban reality into your room. Which is never a bad thing, even in the most pristine, minimalist Bauhaus conservatory. They also look good, and with the nice “overlaying” of two deck elements the designers have not only solved the stability problem, but have also created an urban version of Sori Yanagi’s Butterfly Stool.

Just don’t tell the kids that or they’ll think their learning 🙂

And, it goes without saying,  should your own decks – or those from your child,  grandchild or niece/nephew – break you can have your own custom stool created.

More information on Deckstools can be found at

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