ChargerFrame and naoooooooooo from Naolab

Back in June we featured the delightful AC Adapter MIDORI from iida. Today we show you how to combine the MIDORI into real art.

ChargerFrame by Hong Kong/Shanghai based design studio Naolab is not the newest “sort out that mess before someone dies” product on the market but it is one of the bravest. And by that we mean, with ChargerFrame no attempt is made to organise the mess. Rather, the certainty that your various charging cables will remain an unsightly fleck on your otherwise pristine life is used to create an image.
Although we believe “installation” in probably the correct term.

The central bars allow place to hang and/or place your appliance and the bottom edge can of course also be used as a shelf. ChargerFrame is made from wood and veneer, can be hung at any angle and features a central on/off switch  – although if we’re honest we’re fairly certain it will always be in use for something.

New at Naolab is the impractically named LED lamp naoooooooooo

If we’re honest we don’t really understand the concept, nor exactly how the lamp operates; however, we believe the individual LEDs turn on and off creating a rythmic “wave” of light.

As such naoooooooooo is naoooooooooo classic reading lamp, but is ideal for creating a little bit atmosphere in a room or when you need to raise the illumination a little without having an actual requirement for the light – for example for an all-night computer or drinking session. We also like the fcat it can be powered from an USB port, which makes it that little more environmentally friendly if, for example, you are working at your computer any way.

All in all we were very impressed with Naolab’s portfolio, and no not because the designer Tim Ritcher is German, although that may explain why a couple of the details particularly appealed. For more information simply visit

ChargerFrame by Naolab

ChargerFrame by Naolab

... detail

... detail

naoooooooooo by Naolab

naoooooooooo by Naolab


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