Max Le Belge by CasimirMeubelen

In Milan we experienced one of those awkward “love at first sight” followed by “immediate and extreme disappointment once you get to know them”  moments.

Fortunately, on this occasion it only concerned a chair and not the daughter of a psychopathic Bulgarian mafiosi, as once was the case.

Wow, was that weekend!!!
Anyway, our disappointment at the chair that wasn’t as good as it first appeared to be has been somewhat appeased thanks to designspotter and their post on Max Le Belge by Belgian design studio CasimirMeubelen

In essence it is chair with drawer built into the seat. Which may sound unspectacular, but is one of those “missing links” in contemporary furniture design that  irritates us.

In the PR text from CasimirMeubelen they speak of using it as a bedside table – which is amusing because we do have a chair as a bedside table and yes it would be much better if the seat was also a drawer.

However Max Le Belge is also perfect for an office, kitchen, living room or shed.

Going on the pictures, and sadly we have nothing else to go on, it doesn’t look the comfiest of chairs the world has ever seen, but the construction of the joints looks impeccable and it’s well proportioned, squat form is simply adorable.

Max Le Belge by CasimirMeubelen.


Max le Belge by CasimirMeubelen

Max le Belge by CasimirMeubelen

... detail

... detail


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