Plywood Chair by Ondrej Vaclavik

For us one of the most underrated and very much maligned and misunderstood of all materials is plywood.  As every fool know Charles and Ray Eames started out creating plywood furniture and although their plywood chairs are over 60 years old, they have retained a popularity and freshness that belies their years. And we struggle to think of an influential designer who hasn’t worked with plywood at some stage in their career … except possibly Phillipe Starck, but hey the man is an exception in practically every sense.

Despite this plywood remains something cheap and nasty from the 1970s.

Which is so wrong.

Further proof of this is given by Czech designer Ondrej Vaclavik and his Plywood Chair.

Designed for easy manufacturing with a minimal waste of the material, the construction is based on the flexibility of the 5mm plywood using minimum of metal joins.  A guiding factor in the  design of the chair was  the natural forces of the material – the chair designed itself.

More or less.

Now we’ve not sat it, but we’re fairly certain it’s going to be comfortable. How do we know? Experience old boy, experience.

In addition to a wonderful quadratic superiority, we’re very taken with the open form meaning thatnot only is unobtrusive in a smallspace but, for example, you can stow your newspaper in the back rest. Its these little details that make us want to roll up like an armadillo with joy.

Plywood Chair by Ondrej Vaclavik.
An absolute delight.

Plywood chair by Ondrej Vaclavik

Plywood chair by Ondrej Vaclavik



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