Hostis by Iohanna Pani

This time our thanks go to design spotter for the irritatingly intriguing  extending table Hostis by Israeli industrial designer Iohanna Pani. Technically part of a  set that also includes a chair and a coat hanger – however as there is lot less information on them lets concentrate on the table – it’s allegedly all about exploring transitions between  the private and public function of the dinning table.

Never having had much time for such bobbins we can’t really comment on if it achieves it’s desired aim in the respect; however, what we can say is that with Hostis Iohanna Pani has created a truly wonderful new interpretation of the extending table  – a furniture piece mainly associated with the 1970s, cheese on sticks and the near criminal misuse of avocados as a serving solutions for prawn cocktail.

Or least, that’s how we see it.

But we digress.

Hostis by Iohanna Pani has three positions, has a wonderful “feel good” shape and offers and attractive option for all looking for a flexible work/dining solution.


Hostis by Iohanna Pani ...

Hostis by Iohanna Pani ...

...grows along with...

...grows along with...

... your social circle

... your social circle


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