Benz Table by/for/with/from Giggle

As is our want we were hanging out on this morning, when one of our chums drew our attention to Benz Table by/for/with/from Giggle.

And at this point we must mention one of the unfortunate problems with modern echo;  namely, the is no requirement for a link between designer and product, and so while “Giggle” is listed as  a designer, it is also listed as a producer, is sometimes Israeli, sometimes US and sometimes a yellow elephant with no back … and so sadly we have no real idea who or what “Giggle” is or what they/it do/does. Which is a shame because they do it quite well…

But Modern Echo are in beta and we’re sure they can sort that out.
And so back to Benz.

As we all know the Mercedes in Mercredes-Benz refers to the daughter of one of those involved in the early days of German car design.  And we have sneaky feeling that the Benz in Benz Table refers to the children of one or more of those involved.

We hope so any way.

Made from recycled cardboard Benz Table is a childrens table that we are fairly certain will encourage most young uns to sit at and express their creative talents.
And witha carrying capacity of 250 pounds, (110 kg) , even if their creative tendency is via dancing, Benz will be able to “support” their talent.

We also like the fact that is collapsible, a sit means that when you go way on holiday, or even just a weekend away, Benz can come with you and so bring that touch of “home” into your kids lives. Which is “neat” as we believe Americans like to say.

Benz Table. Lovely.

Benz Table by Giggles

Benz Table by Giggles


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