Thonet 214 x214 competition

Thonet, arguably one of Europe’s most important contemporary designer furniture makers, are looking for your photos.

While on the one hand it’s a nice little cheap PR for them, on the other hand it’s a good opportunity to profitably utilises a few of those old photos you have lying around.

Because, until the end of August Thonet are offering all the chance to win a trip to New York, including a visit to the Museum of Modern Art.

All you have to do is send them in some photos of the Thonet chair 214 “in its usual environment or in a specially selected environment; experiments are welcome too.”

Theoretically it should be your chair. However, if you neither posses a Thonet 214 nor plan to buy one before the end of August, fret not; they are a regular feature in hotels, cafes and museums. Just keep your eyes open and your camera poised.

Alternatively if you have neither a Thonet 214 nor someone to take to New York, combine the solutions to the problems and find someone with a Thonet 214, photograph their chair and when you win take them to New York.


It’s a whole new form of social networking … or perhaps better put its social networking 1.0 😉

Whatever, full details can be found at Thonet.

Thonet 214 - a chair for all environments...

Thonet 214 - a chair for all environments...


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