re-plied Grow Table from re-ply designs

Thanks to the organisers of Cardiff Design Festival for making us aware of Welsh producer re-ply designs.

Founded in 2007 by Plymouth University graduate Deborah Elsaesser, re-ply designs specialise in exploiting the use of discarded materials to generate practical, contemporary designs.

The obvious stand out product in re-ply design’s portfolio is the re-plied Grow Table. With an integrated plant pot/bowl in the centre, it in many ways has similar functional beauty as the  Binary Coffee Table by Centrifuge Design we mentioned a few days ago.

However, the thought of having the Cat Grass for the juicer or the herbs for a vegan bean stew in the middle of the table is almost as delightful as the generated aroma. we have herbs in our kitchen, just they are a little too scattered to be either aesthetically pleasing or useful.

Also, and were not sure how deep the bowl is, but something in the back of our minds says – use it for spaghetti, or bread rolls at breakfast or soup. We’re not sure , and we’re not making any promises, but it could also, potentially, be a wonderfully convenient serving solution.

Regardless of how you use it, we find the re-plied Grow Table a wonderful idea that not only helps bring a touch of outdoors in, but is also a wonderful piece of design.



re-plied Grow Table from re-ply designs


... and in detail


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