Wajima Collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Japan Brand

The first pictures of the fruits of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec‘s collaboration with Japan Brand have been released.

And we must say aren’t that bad.

Invited to conceive a contemporary object using traditional know-how to try to open the way for new uses and applications of traditional Japanese technology, the Bouroullec brothers were so impressed by their visits to the studios in the lacquerware producing area of Wajima that they persuaded Japan Brand to let them design a four piece collection “that could illustrate the wide range of possibilities of lacquer applications”

The results appeal to us, especially the lamp and the desk light. For want of time – and yes just a little laziness – we will let the brothers themselves explain their products. All photos courtesy of Tetsuya Ito and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.



The lamp is a luminous box that highlights the magnificence of lacquer while presenting large shiny surfaces reflecting light. Thanks to the red glow diffused by the light when switched on, a very subtle mood emanates from the lacquer and creates a smooth and captivating atmosphere.



The desk lamp is an assemblage of three elements that remind distinctly of very traditional lacquer ware shapes. The final piece that derives from this simple combination suggests the infinite possibilities offered by the material and its classical elements. It shows that familiar forms can give birth to different and mysterious contemporary objects. The use of Leds in both lights enhances the impact of the marriage between ancient and recent techniques.



The double lunch tray set is a precious box, initially thought as a culinary object but with several possible applications. Closed by two magnets the shape seems to present an infinite curve, with no asperity. Open, it proposes a symmetrical double-tray that can welcome any kind of food or object.



The pocket mirror is a nomadic and delicate object that expresses the wonderful texture of the lacquer. At the end, this unisex of kind raises a feeling of preciousness and banality at the same time.

  1. nmsa2009 said:

    This is what I love about Japanese design. The creations usually look chic, and futuristic. It is incredible to see these designs, and as a designer, imagine how to create a design around it.


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