I.D.Magazine Design Review 2009

Although already available in print we are indebted to Core 77 for drawing our attention to the fact that the Design Review 2009 award winners are now online.

Among the winners in the category Furniture are “Loft” by Shelly Shelly for Bernhardt Design.
Loft is not a new chair, it was unveiled in in 2008, but fell within the time frame for the 2009 design review.
“TALK ABOUT TIMELESS,” was the response of self-styled design consultant and independent curator Josée Lepage one of the judges hired by I.D. Magazine for their insight and experience.
Yeah, but just because it’s timeless doesn’t mean it’s good … and timeless can be a friendlier term for “seen it a thousand times and will probably see it another thousand before Easter”
In essence Loft is nothing other than a reworking of Cité by Jean Prouvé. Which is itself is no bad thing, it’s certainly not the worst re-working we have seen.
But to the elevate it to the position as one of the best designs of 2009 is a joke.
According to the good folks at I.D. Magazine, since its inauguration in 1954 the Annual Design review has “chronicled the evolution of design, and highlighted its impact on our material and visual culture.” We’re not even going to mention the inclusion of Palma in the Furniture category.
There are a few good and worthy inclusions in the 2009 I.D. Magazine Design Review, but also far to much navel gazing, been there done that, nonsense .
And far, far too much ego.

If you want to check it out for yourself you can view all the winners on the official Design Review homepage.

Loft Chair by S - good, but not the best of 2009. 1929, possibly, but not 2009

Loft Chair by Shelly Shelly for Bernhardt Design - good, but not the best of 2009. 1929, possibly, but not 2009

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