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Although no new blog posts appeared over the weekend, we weren’t completely inactive; rather we were preparing for our next step.

More soon.

For us one of the highpoints of the weekend came shortly after what we thought was going to be the high point. We had recently heard that the excellent blu dot designer furniture range was now available through design public.

On finally getting round to checking it out we discovered that not only is blu dot available through design public but also iglooplay – for us one of the real discoveries at ICFF  – and Jason Miller, although sadly just his “Seconds” plates and not the wonderful Spiral Lounger.

According to Design Public their “mission is to sell fresh and inspiring design with a continued commitment to educate, inspire, nurture, and celebrate great new design.”

And we’ve seen worse attempts at such. Much worse.

We first encountered blu dot at ICFF and since then have take a keen interest in them.  With products such as the wonderful Buttercup Rocker they have created a wonderful 1970s take in classic Eamseien styling; albeit fit for the 21st century. And it is very comfortable.

Buttercup Rocker by blu dot

Buttercup Rocker by blu dot (photo source:

For us one of the best features of iglooplay’s childrens furniture is the name of their principle element: “Mod Rocker” 🙂

We’re not sure if the makers are familiar with the history of British youth culture in the 1960s, the rock operas of The Who or the works of Stanely Cohen. Nor are we sure if we want them to be.

But aside from the best name we’ve ever come across, Mod Rocker is one of the freshest and most original child seating solutions we have seen. And when not exactly a Buttercup Rocker for the youngest generation, Mod Rocker is another fine example of what can be achieved with plywood, imagination … and talent. (Although iglooplay do need to be just a tick less protective – dare we say a*a* – when it comes to their photos – come on guys if you don’t want folks to see your products, don’t deal online 😉 Its 2009 not 1986, and we only want to share your wonderful furniture … A litle less USM Haller, a little more Vitra won’t hurt, honest)

Mod Rocker from iglooplay

Mod Rocker from iglooplay - excellent product, shocking approach to website design.

And it’s not just new designers that are represented. Among the producers is everyone’s favourite Swiss giant Vitra; again albeit here just with limited range of products.

The only problem is design public don’t deliver to Europe … and so we’ll just have to stand like the big kids we are with our noses pressed against the glass and wonder at the Aladdin’s cave tantalisingly beyond our reach.


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