We love it when a plan comes together. Especially when we didn’t even know it existed.

Yesterday we wrote about Frameset by Tisch 5 and today we found the UU22 Wine Tray by MuNiMulA.

While they may not physically resemble one another they are undoubtedly both of the same soul.

MuNiMulA are a Michigan based design studio who according to the website: “…strives to maintain a careful balance between truth and capriciousness, guided by discipline and experience.”

What every that may mean. Fortunately their products are much more straightforward and coherent.

The UU22 Wine Tray is self-explanatory. Crafted from aluminium the slit holds up to four glasses and with a diameter of  3 1/2″ diameter the bottle opening should hold most normal wine bottles. For us the UU22 true God send for that tricky job of carrying wine glasses out to the garden or when walking around at a party and tyring to ensure that all your guests have a drink.

UU22 Wine Tray from Munimula

UU22 Wine Tray from Munimula

The UU71 fruit trough should be considered as an aluminium drain pipe fruit storage solution. Or more exactly a wonderful, fresh and inventive aluminium drain pipe fruit storage solution. We don’t like fruit bowls, not least because they take up far too much space, especially in a small kitchen or when you only have a small side table. With MuNiMulA’s wonderful UU71 you can still keep your fruit in order, without losing precious space.

UU71 fruit trough by munimula

UU71 fruit trough by munimula

The  low table UU12 is designed to be redesigned  – that is the anodized aluminium panels that compose the top surface can be removed and relaid as required. Or not. If, for example you have a large vase you can place it on the lower level and then allow it to protrude through the table in that you deliberately leave out some panels. Lovely.

UU12 low table from Munimula

UU12 low table from Munimula

On their homepage MuNiMulA also have four short films on the making of their products – good idea; unless you only make them available to in Apple Quicktime and so exclude most PC users who by default tend to have other media players installed 😦

That’s a free tip from us 🙂

Otherwise, great site, great products and fantastic sales cow. All furthe information at

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