Tisch 5

A big thanks to the boys and girls at designspotter for drawing our attention to Düsseldorf based design studio Tisch 5.

Our first reaction was “Oh no! no not another design studio we’ve missed” But having checked out their website it appears that the weren’t at any of the shows were at recently.


designspotter choose to focus on the Liebkind shopping bag with additional handle for children.  Every one who has ever been out shopping with a small child – or more importantly who is a small child had has ever been taken out shopping against their will and can’t understand why they aren’t allowed to hold hands but also aren’t allowed to wander off where they want … I mean what’s that all about!!! – will know and understand just why Liebkind is such a truly wonderful, functional design.

Liebkind from Tisch 5

Liebkind from Tisch 5

Tisch 5 is, however, much more than just a wonderful, family friendly shopping bag.

At the 2009 ICFF in New York there was plastic serving trolley that got a lot of coverage on account of the fact that the utensils formed part of the trolley. We didn’t like it at all. Really didn’t


Frameset by Tisch 5

We were however reminded of it by Frameset by Tisch 5 – because it does the exact opposite, and does it with much more style. With pre-moulded indentations for a glass, cutlery and a plate Frameset offers a safe, secure and fun alternative to a normal tray; and also a way to convince yourself that sitting in front of your laptop and eating is the same as joining your family at the table.

But what really caught our attention was the chopping board Schneiderlein. And no not on account of the tape measure. We live and cook by estimates. No what appealed to us was the very simple, yet innovative fact that it is raised and that after chopping you can simply sweep the goods into a bowl.

Rather than partly onto the table and partly onto the floor as we currently manage. Such simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing design is what we like and what we understand by good design

Schneiderlein by Tisch 5

Schneiderlein by Tisch 5

On the whole we were very impressed by the complete Tisch 5 range and can thoroughly recommend the studio to all looking for something familiar, yet which has been designed with a eye for detail and where the designers have always posed the question “How can I improve that without ruining it?”

We hope to catch up with Tisch 5 this autumn, not least to check that all the designs are as squirrel proof as they appear to be.

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