Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer

Today appears to be a day for admitting we missed things … next up in our “Hall of Shame” is Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer.

But on this occasion we do know why  –  they were on display at the “British Design Embassy” at the Milan Modern Art Gallery and we simply never made it there.  Milan in design week is just too large 😦

But now we have found the Tea Cup Stool. Thankfully.

A product such a stool based on a tea cup can go horribly, horribly  wrong, and come across as kitschy and cheap.

And while admitting that we haven’t actually, as yet, personally laid eyes on Holly’s Tea Cup Stool we have to say that from the pictures we have seen and from the research we have undertaken the beauty of Tea Cup Stool lies in the chosen size and the scale relationship of cup and handle.  At a little over 40 cm it is large enough to be practical without being obtrusive – in a way you can still believe its a cup, although you know it isn’t.
A belief aided by the fact that the handle is in perfect scale with that of a “real” cup.

And then of course there is the material, a hard wearing rotationally moulded medium density polyethylene, check out the weight test video on Holly Palmer’s blog as regards it’s carrying load

Tea Cup Stool is available in a range of 11 colours, or a colour of your choice for an small additional fee. And they’re squirrel proof.

Something that has become an obsession of ours since yesterday.

We hope very much that Holly will be out and about at some of the design shows this autumn. And if she is we will definitely update this entry once we have tested the Tea Cup Stool.

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer

Tea Cup Stool by Holly Palmer

Tea Cup Stool - On mug tree

Tea Cup Stool - On mug tree


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