Egg, Alkira, Splinter

A couple of days ago we mentioned the new design social networking site Modern Echo. Since then we haven’t had as much time to check out the products as we would have liked; we have however found a few products we like very much.


Alkira Accessory Chair from HOM

Alkira Accessory Chair from the HOM range by California-based award-wining design firm KAA Design Group reminds a lot of Slow Chair by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Vitra.

Just paired down.

Obviously we can’t comment on it’s comfort from the distance we’re observing it at ;), but judging from the angles involved and the materials used we’re assuming that on a balcony, in a garden or in front of your caravan it will be a wonderful place to relax and enjoy a quite beer or two…


Splinter Chair byMatthew Kroeker

SPLINTER Chair by Canadian industrial designer Matthew Kroeker is one of those wonderfully fresh products that we really enjoy – yet can’t help ourselves from making suggestions. In the past couple of months we’ve seen a few products based on the “two halves” approach – though generally the all had a much more an “art” feel. SPLINTER Chair is the first we have seen that can be described as a functional product. We have however nagging feeling that all look the same – not least because Matthew mentions that they can be bought as a left facing or right facing unit or as a complete set that forms one bench. For us the better option is to only sell them as bench, and then cut each one individually. But what do we know.


Egg bird feeder by Jürgen Schatz

Egg bird Feeder

We’re not big on feeding birds – principally because the by-product of such an ill-considered activity landed on us on Saturday afternoon while we out photographing graffiti.

However regardless of our personal relationship to the feathered class we’re in awe of Jürgen Schatz’s absolutely delightful Egg bird feeder. Handcrafted, ceramic, stylish, can be used indoors as well as out (e.g for dispensing nuts at party) and it’s squirrel proof. Fantastic. Wish our flat was squirrel proof.

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