Coffee Maker: Tom Metcalfe

One of the joys of twitter is not only the chance to follow events real time, but also every now and again you get a little reminder.

And so it was as a twitter feed from Tom Metcalfe appeared by us this morning.

Tom Metcalfe is an Industrial Design student in Dundee and has developed a wonderful coffee maker;  a system we had been planning writing about for some time now…but just never got round to 😦

Starting from unroasted “green” beans you firstly roast the beans to your preferred strength, grind them and finally cook them. As beautifully demonstrated in this wonderfully “What ever happened to Fanny Craddock – esque video:

COFFEE MAKER from Tom Metcalfe on Vimeo.

We love the system, and aren’t going to pretend we find it particularly practical first thing in the morning when your already running late; however, it’s all about enjoyment, taking time and in a way connecting with your coffee. And so perfect for that lazy afternoon or slow morning when you want to concentrate on something other than the daily problems.

And it looks delightful and makes a wonderful visual addition to any kitchen, office, garden shed … or wherever you like to retreat to enjoy real coffee.

For those in or near London, Tom Metcalfe will be at the New Designers Show in London from 16.07-19.07 2009

Coffee Maker by Tom Metcalfe

Coffee Maker by Tom Metcalfe


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