Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides: “Sound” Design

The latest Milan show invitation to land in our in-box comes from Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides, two young German designers. It may be that we are just getting a little old, but on the one hand we can’t help being impressed by their work – even if we have to admit we don’t really understand it.

Their Cloud Speakers, for example, is

“a conceptual work to create pc loudspeakers by use of internet radio user data via 3d printing. the profile tags and a 10sec frequency spectrum of the 33 favorite songs are valued and transformed into shape giving adjectives under certain criteria. so the data is translated para-metrically into concrete shape.”

Which we believe means that your songs define the shape of the speakers.
How, we don’t know, but we hope to find out in Milan.


Soundplotter by Johanna Spath and Johannes Tsopanides. " interactive concept that reacts on sound input ... can contain messages or environmental sounds that like a moment snapshot are saved in 3d shapes" Apparently.


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